About Marin




The Beginning

Born in 1983, Haarlem the Netherlands.

Three weeks later I moved to a city called Almaar. 

I remember as a child, walking around with a smile on my face and only noticing my smile because my cheeks started hurting.

The thought of not knowing how to behave or how things are done here on this planet has been with me for most of my life. People didn't seem to get me or just think I was very naive, and I was... 

An earlier thought of realising where I was occurred to me. Seeing bricks and everything made in squares, like our house and our gardens.

At school I couldn't focus because I was feeling intensely tired, but as soon as I was home I could gain energy again. As I wrote on the home page, I changed schools at the age of nine and it feels like the big struggles began. Without giving too much attention to the struggles, I felt afraid at my new school and the environment was not inviting at all for someone like me.

I was an open child with abilities others apparently didn't have or didn't developed. Often I didn't know why I started to feel a certain way.. tired, sad, angry, pains etc. Then when a friend would say she had a headache I automatically tapped into it and took her pain. Not knowing how to stop this process of tapping in, I tried all kinds of ways to stop it, but it didn't work. 

At the age of fourteen my psychic abilities developed really fast, I became aware of them. I changed my small bedroom for a bigger one and from the first night on I saw someone watching me, it didn't feel high frequency. You can imagine my discomfort. My mother got a contact via a friend of someone who could help me with this. So I phoned the lady and she said it was someone from a passed life asking for forgiveness and she made me say some things to bring it forgiveness and make it go to the light.