Coaching You Towards Your Healing

Our believe systems can be seen as programs that run in our body
These programs make who we are today
Along the way we have picked up programs that do not longer serve us and on the long run can create discomfort or illness inside our bodies or influence our life decisions.


For instance; as a young child my mother told me that the real learning doesn't happen in school, but in life. I took that information in as my believe system and soon things started to change. The school I was attending at the moment couldn't keep me and I had to go to a special school for children with learning disabilities.
You can imagine that this believe system has not served me well through life and today I can say that, of course, I have learned a lot from life itself...


While coaching you, I will guide you to find the believe systems that do not longer serve you and hand you the tools to process them


It is my aim for you to be self empowered, spiritually and in everyday life


So why is this called inner healing?
By processing the believe systems that don't serve us anymore, we raise our frequency.
When our frequency is high and at the level of our core essence, we live in full connection with our true self
We are not born in low frequencies, the situations in life have created them. 
Our bodies need to be in a state of high frequency to be able to be and stay healthy.
I invite you to be your own healer and to be empowered in your own life. 


Sessions include

- Locating the believe systems that do not serve you and delete them from your body by choice

- Connecting with and understanding your bodies

- Raising your personal vibration

- Some Mystisism

- Connecting with Mother Earth

- Meditation